Candi R., Greenville, SC

"I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in late  2015. When I met Dr. Sande I could barely walk unassisted, barely  process water or chicken broth, solid food wasn't even an option. I  looked like a skeleton, I was afraid to go to sleep for fear that I may  not wake up. If it wasn't for Dr. Sande I don't think I would be here  today.  I am now working two jobs, eating regular food, I even drink on  occasion. Dr. Sande has shown me an alternative way and it works.  According to the MD's I shouldn't be in this state of remission without  some type of chemo treatment. Thank you Dr. Sande!"


April H., Hendersonville, NC

"For many years I had been stuck in an emotional  situation, feeling helpless and frustrated. I knew something needed to  shift and had tried everything I could think of from counseling to Reiki  to intuitive readings. Then a friend recommended Sande. After one  Esoteric Acupuncture session, it was like a weight had lifted. During  our work together, a mini-crisis arose and to my surprise I found myself  walking away without feeling like it was my responsibility to rescue!  With Sande’s help, I was able to release the attachment and move on.  Whew! Thank you so much!" 

Gwen G., Beaufort, SC

“I have had two sessions with Sande for a badly  sprained ankle that has been repeatedly sprained. The results were  amazing! The swelling is completely gone. After a day on my feet, there  is a little swelling but nothing like it has been with ice and elevation  when sprained in the past. Thank you, Sande. I would recommend you to  everyone. We are very lucky to have you practicing in Beaufort County.  Welcome!”